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  • The Thief Cover
    The Thief
    Some of the freshest, most invigorating and breezy classic bluegrass to enchant your ears in quite some time; with guest appearances from David Grisman, Kathy Kallick and Jim Nunally, it's not surprising. With punchy jangle, sweet innocence and the evergreen aroma of the hills, the David Thom band paves a sunny path of sunny music, ringing through the soul. Simply clear and shiny, earthy and humble, these songs will be immediately familiar to your heart of hearts whether you've heard them or not.
    The San Francisco Bay area's best traditional bluegrass band, with smoking performances from David Grisman, Kathy Kallick and Jim Nunally.
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  • Plays Bluegrass Cover
    Plays Bluegrass
    1. Katy Daley 2:28 2. Calendars 3:15 David Thom 3. On & On 3:24 4. Berkeley Bounce 2:31 Jonathan Schiele 5. Homestead On The Farm 3:04 6. Jordan 2:04 7. Separate Cars 2:39 David Thom 8. If I Lose 2:29 9. Never See My Home Again 2:29 10. The Bitterroot Lullaby 4:46 Michael Seward 11. GoldRush 3:08 12. All My Life 2:57 13. Under Skies Like These 2:25 David Thom 14. The Ross Valley Ramble 3:18 Jonathan Schiele 15. Over In The Glory Land 2:33 16. Dark Hollow 3:26
    The DTB's first CD from 2000. Featuring Jonathan Schiele, Paul Knight, Jon Mask, Doug Holloway and DT.
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  • DTB Live at the Majestic
    Live at the Majestic
    The David Thom Band plays bluegrass the old-fashioned way -- no instrument amps or monitors, just five folks and a single microphone. The result is a tight, classic sound that never fails to tingle the spine and set the toes a-tappin. Fresh, invigorating, and breezy, the band's sound is true to the genre's soulful traditions but doesn't fear to live in the present. Tonight the band celebrates the release of its new CD, Live at the Majestic, recorded in Benicia, California. The new CD contains a few originals and a bunch of favorites, played live, the way you like 'em!

    Led by former David Grisman Bluegrass Experience guitarist and soulful singer, David Thom, the hard-driving quintet also features Andy Shaw's driving 5-string banjo, Mary Shaw's rock-solid upright bass, fabulous mandolin and fiddle stalwart Ed Neff, and award-winning fiddler Paul Shelasky. Well-known to bluegrass fans in the Bay Area, the band has appeared at the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival, Strawberry Music Festival, and the Great American Music Hall, to name a few.
    Traditional bluegrass recorded live around the single microphone, featuring David Thom, Paul Shelasky, Ed Neff, Andy and Mary Shaw
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