About Us

This is the place where all the DTB and DTB-related eCommerce takes place. Rest assured that when you commit electrons to a purchase here, we will follow through and ship you some of the finest plastic music discs available in today's crazy world. We only sell the best music possible, but you already know that since you are shopping here. If you don't like plastic music discs (so last century, right?) then you go to the Download area and have your music purchase come to you via high-speed electronic pump-burst. It's a new technology that we developed in our R&D center out in the back yard. And as far as fan-schwag is concerned, look no further. We strive to bring you the corniest tchotchkes, the goofiest geegaws, and swingingest thingamijigs money can buy. You should definitely keep coming back because we put a lot of effort into all of this. And its really cool, because you just pick things out, put them in your virtual shopping cart, go pick some other things out, put them in there too and then at the end you check out and WHAM!POW! you've just ePurchased some stuff. Let  us know if this is working out for you or if you'd like to see something else here. No guarantees but if we can get a hold of it, we'll put it up here for you to buy. Thanks for shopping!